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While acute cases of sinusitis can subside over time on their own, that is not always the case

While acute cases of sinusitis can subside over time on their own, that is not always the case. Have you been suffering without any sign of permanent relief? If so, you might be suffering from chronic or recurrent sinusitis. And if so, treatment is necessary to protect your health, well-being, and happiness. Every person’s body is different. Although there are similarities, your condition is unlike any other. At Columbia Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Centers, you will be given a unique treatment plan designed to help you overcome your chronic or recurrent sinusitis. To find the solution that will put an end to your sinusitis, schedule your appointment with Dr. William Andrew Wells.

Effective Treatment Should Be Your #1 Priority

Chronic and recurrent sinusitis can prevent you from being able to breathe out of your nose properly and have the energy, sleep, and health you need and deserve. This affects your personal and professional life. To put an end to this frustrating cycle, you need professional treatment from an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor.

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wells is strongly recommended if you have had several sinus infections, have an infection that is still present after 10 days, or after an initial doctor’s appointment, you are not experiencing any relief.

While every sinus infection should be addressed in a timely manner, there are specific symptoms that require immediate medical attention. According to the Mayo Clinic (1), you should see a doctor immediately if you have a serious infection and are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Swelling, redness around your eyes
  • Headache (severe)
  • Swelling on your forehead
  • Feeling confused
  • Changes in your vision
  • Your neck feels stiff

Allow us to be your partner in combating symptoms for the whole family. Schedule your appointment today with Dr. William Andrew Wells.

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How Bad Are Your Sinuses?

Evaluate your symptoms to find out if you're a candidate for a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, which greatly reduces the suffering experienced by chronic sinusitis patients.

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How to Overcome Chronic or Recurrent Sinusitis with Effective Treatment

Your options for treatment will depend on the type of sinusitis you suffer from (acute, recurrent, chronic, allergic) and what forms of treatment will work best with your body.

Dr. William Andrew Wells has spent 30 years helping sinusitis sufferers overcome chronic and recurrent sinus infections with appropriate and effective treatment. Treatment options may include the following:

Balloon Sinuplasty

A minimally-invasive, in-office procedure completed in just an hour. For this procedure, your blocked sinus pathways are opened by inserting a balloon-like catheter safely inside, inflating, and then removing when complete.  Learn more about Balloon Sinuplasty here!

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

An invasive, out-patient procedure that can take weeks to months for full recovery. An ENT will permanently remove parts of bone and tissue to regain full use of your once-blocked air passageway.


To help alleviate your symptoms, medicine may be prescribed. However, medication can’t solve chronic or recurrent sinusitis, and you should seek more effective long-term options to prevent sinusitis from disrupting your life.

There are options available! Which one will work best for you? Find out by scheduling an appointment.

Say goodbye to sinusitis and hello to relief! Fight back against sinusitis by scheduling your appointment to explore your treatment options today!

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